Would you like to visit the ceramics village Bat Trang when you travel to Ha Noi? Our experiences below may be useful tips for your wonderful trip to Bat Trang.


  1. How to go?

– Mean of transportation: Motorbikes

– Time of movement: 45 minutes

– Departing position: The center of Ha Noi

Note: Travelling by bus: Bus No.47 departing from the center of the city


  1. Places for entertainment:

Visiting Bat Trang village, there are two things you must try including making ceramic objects by yourselves and going to the ceramic market. The beautiful weather created the advantages for us to try both mentioned things and we were extremely excited with new experiences.

The first, making ceramics

Making ceramics

+ Location: About 20m from the pottery market ( No 122, Hamlet No 5, Bat Trang Village)

Note: We knew the place to knead ceramics thanks to the introduction of very kind sellers of tiny tea-shops along the street. The owner of pottery kiln is so friendly and enthusiastic. You can buy xanax online in park at the ceramics market and then walk to the place where allows to practice kneading ceramics. Along the street, there are a huge number of attractive ceramics shops. Do not miss them!

+ Practice: Arriving to the destination, we were instructed detailedly by the owner. After that, we could practice promptly right here. We believe this can be an unforgettable memory of you, if you have the chance to come.

Making Ceramic


You will be guided the particular process of making a complete object. Such the long process, but we summarize it into 3 simple steps: Stroke – Knead – Draw. A raw product will be dried in 30 minutes. Finally, you will get a lovely object to bring to home like that.



A raw product will be dried in 30 minutes



+ Price: $2/person (including products to bring to home)

+ Review: 5/5 points


The second, going to the ceramics market

+ After making the potteries, we came back to sightsee the ceramics market and buy something. My impression here was that this place was extremely large with a variety of products. You may be shocked by the huge number of ceramic products here and their beauty.

+Price: We ended our trip by purchasing some products below.Total cost for them was $15. Sellers here never overcharge like some in the center of Ha Noi. So, don’t worry about the price!

Bat Trang Market

Bat Trang Market

Bat Trang Market

Bat Trang Market

+Review: 4,5/5 points


  1. Conclusion:

– Spent money: $20 for 2 persons

– Should go or Not: Absolutely SHOULD

Experiences at Bat Trang Village is very intriguing. Besides, the cost to test your clever hands is so cheap as well as souvenirs are exclusive! Don’t miss this wonderful place when you go to Ha Noi!